Handheld Single Phase Relay Tester

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asked Sep 5, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Wwq3Qdv1 (460 points)
Handheld Single Phase Relay Tester Model: RELAYSTAR-S10DescriptionsThe RELAYSTAR-S10?is the handheld single phase relay tester for?testing protection?relays, which can output 1-phase current(1x0…6A) and 3-phase voltage(3x0…120V). It is very easy?to?carry due to super-small size?and much lighter weight(only 3.5 kg/7.72 lb).The local software system?of handheld single phase RELAYSTAR-S10 is designed based on Windows system. It can?be operated by?7.4" touch screen.?Main Features1) 1-phase current(1×6A) + 3-phase voltage(3×120V) output2) Embedded industrial PC with?7.4"?touch screen3) Super-small size?like small?laptop ?????4) Lighter weight: only 3.5kg(7.72 lb)5) New high fidelity linear power amplifier6) High?integrated modular structure7) Intelligent self-protection?Technical?Data Current GeneratorSetting range1-phase AC(L-N)1x0…6ADC(L-N)1x…±5A?Power1-phase AC(L-N)1x70VA at 6ADC(L-N)1x50VA at 5AAccuracyAC: ±1mA(≤0.2A), ≤0.2% (0.2~6A)DC: ±5mA(0~0.5A), ≤0.2% (0.5~5A)Resolution1mA?Voltage GeneratorSetting range3-phase AC(L-N)3x0…120V1-phase AC(L-L)1x0…360VDC(L-N)3x…±160VPower3-phase AC(L-N)3x40VA at 120V1-phase AC(L-L)1x120VA at 360VDC(L-N)3x40VA at 160VAccuracyAC: ±2mV(0.2~2V), ≤0.2% (2~120V)DC: ±10mV (0~5V), ≤0.2% (5~160V)Resolution1mVBinary InputsNumber2Input characteristics ?idle contact or potential-free contactThreshold characteristics"0":0~6V; "1":12V~250VMax. measuring time ?999999.999sTime accuracy ??±1msTime resolution ??1ms?Binary OutputsNumber2Typeidle contactBreak capacity250VAC/0.5A, 250VDC/0.2A?General GeneratorsFrequencyrange: 10~500Hzaccuracy:<1mHz(10~65Hz), <10mHz(65~500Hz)resolution: 0.001HzPhaserange: -360° ~+360°accuracy: 0.1°resolution: 0.01°Harmonicsuperposition order: 2~10?timesdistortion: ≤0.5%The?compact design?and new high fidelity linear power amplifier make handheld single phase relay tester?RELAYSTAR-S10 particularly suitable for testing and commissioning work in distribution?and industrial systems. http://www.haomaitest.net/protection-relay-testing/relay-tester/handheld-single-phase-relay-tester.html

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