Industrial Rubber On Aluminium Casters

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Model No.: CP46
Product name: Rubber on Aluminium Casters
Optional Wheel:PU on aluminium wheel, elastic PU on aluminium wheel, PU on cast iron wheel, elastic PU on aluminium wheel, hard solid PU wheel, phenolic wheel

Loading capacity: 350~500KGS
Housing:made of pressed steel, double ballrace swivel head, dust proof seal

Wheel: ...


Rubber wheel is a kind of ring-shaped elastic rubber wheel product which is assembled on various vehicles or machines. It is usually installed on the metal hub and has the functions of supporting the body, buffering the external impact, reducing vibration, reducing temperature, etc. Rubber wheel mounting hub usually has aluminum core and iron core hub, which has high strength and impact resistance while users do not use it in the environment of special chemicals. You need to select products in advance when purchasing such products. The industrial rubber wheel introduced here is usually aluminum core smooth rubber tire surface, which is more suitable for European and American markets, and also has its application in some Asian countries. There are 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch and 8-inch regular models.


Our Rubber on Aluminium casters are widely used in industrial fields, material handling equipment, platform trucks, hand trucks, medium or heavy duty carts and wast containers.

Features & Advantages:


1. High load capacity;

2. Non marking

3. Shock absorbing

4. Noiseless

5. ECO-friendly

Wheel Core:

1. Heat release quickly.

2. Heavy loading and strong structure.

3. Light net weight for easy pushing

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