Digital Truck Scale

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asked Sep 3, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Sq0d0p6Y (300 points)
SCS-MM Truck Scale:1. SCS-MM series is export Truck Scale with high quality guarantee after long and repeated overloading tests.2. Special jig welding,guarantee the large platform in level and all welding stress in proper redistribution.3. The whole set consists of high precision,double shearing beams bridge-type or column-type load cells4. Different display ( indicator) available for option.5. Truck scale software is freely offered.6. Optional Certificated truck scale with CE,FCC,OIML,NETP and etc.SCS-MM Truck Scale Technical Parameters:1. Accuracy grade: OIML III2. Weighing Range:10ton/20ton/30ton/40ton/50ton/60ton/80ton/100ton/120ton/150ton/200ton3. Length of Weighing Platform: 6~24m4. Signal transmission distance: 1200m5. Safe overload: 150%SCS-MM Truck Scale Advantages:1.High Accurate:10kgs or more precision as request.2.Durability:over TEN-year service life for proper operation.3.Production experience:20 years’ OEM production for many agents and import trading company.4.Reasonable price:mass production keep all cost down enable to offer the best price.SCS-MM Truck Scale production process:1.Steel Raw Materials storage→2.CNC cutting→3.U beam Production→4.Assembly Location→5.CNC Automatic Welding→6.CNC Shot-Blasting →7.Airless Spraying→8.Delivery Inspection

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