Yoga Ball Exercises

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ANTI-BURST & SLIP-RESISTANT: The yoga exercise ball is made of thick and durable PVC material. The material is latex-free,Eco-friendly, non-toxic. Plus, anti-burst programming is used in superior PVC material, which guarantee the safety is put in the first priority. Besides, yoga balance ball is adopted high quality material, which provides a slip-resistance while using the exercise ball. The balance ball feels fairly comfortable. Thus, the safety of yoga ball can be guaranteed.

DURABLE & STRONG: As adopted durable and high-quality material in gym ball, the yoga gym ball can support 400 lbs which provides you with the most rigorous workout / fitness condition. High durability enables you to sit on the balance ball chair in the office / home everyday, which helps you improve your sitting posture.

FIT FOR DIFFERENT EXERCISES: Big exercise ball fits for different exercises, such as yoga, gym, stretching, pilates and crossfit, which increase coordination and balance and enhance flexibility in abdomen, thighs and lower back. Also, it can help you tone, sculpt and chisel your arms, hips, thighs, shoulders and other muscle groups through using the yoga therapy balls. Meanwhile, your muscle can be relaxed very well. Thus, yoga ball is perfect for different kinds of exercises.

SIZE VARIETY & 5 COLORS: The size of yoga balance ball includes 55cm 65cm 75cm balance ball in diameter.

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