bosu ball workout

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asked Aug 25, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Wp25bpzb (860 points)
[100% safe] Made of environmentally friendly non-toxic PVC to avoid allergies; non-slip base and non-slip texture can improve user stability; wear-resistant ABS base and 6 non-slip feet and explosion-proof technology ensure safety during use

[Resistance Band and Enough Space] Two detachable 30-inch resistance bands with soft foam handles can enhance your arm strength; 23-inch ball diameter provides enough standing space for better standing Experience and adapt it to various sizes

[Improve physical awareness] With this balance ball, you can complete rope curling, squatting and straightening, lunge, reverse stretching or balancing push-ups at home or anywhere, effectively establishing balance, stability and pillar strength

PORT [Portability] Easy to deflate, inflatable, lightweight, very convenient to carry, you can go to the gym, park or beach to enjoy exercise; high-quality air valve can prevent air leakage and prolong life

[COMPLEE COMBO] with free foot pump, ready to fully inflate to 9.8 inches in 5 minutes.

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