desktop silk bushing machine

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asked Aug 22, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WvZfdlm0 (620 points)
Product introduction
Product features and technology:
1. The cutter is made of alloy steel, cutting the pipeline smoothly and effortlessly, durable and convenient for replacement
2. The trimming knife is made of alloy steel, and the trimming work is done in one go, eliminating burr on the pipe mouth
3. Variable speed switch, adjustable speed, good transmission, convenient operation, safe and reliable

model    ZT-B2-50F    ZT-B2-50    ZT-B2-50f1    ZT-B2-80
Processing range    1/2"-2"    1/2"-2"    1/2"-2"    1/2"-2"
Threading die    1/2"-3/4",1"-2"    1/2"-3/4",1"-2"    1/2"-3/4",1"-2"    1/2"-3/4",1"-2"
Motor power    750W    750W    750W    750W
speed    28RPM    28RPM    39RPM    11/24RPM
size    71*45.5*52cm    71*45.5*52cm    71*45.5*52cm    87*52*52cm
Gross/net weight    75/68kg    75/68kg    75/68kg    125/110kg
voltage    380V(220V)/50HZ    380V(220V)/50HZ    380V(220V)/50HZ    380V(220V)/50HZ
model    ZT-B4-100    ZT-B4-100A    ZT-B4-100F   
Processing range    1/2"-4"    1/2"-4"    1/2"-4"   
Threading die    1/2"-3/4",1"-2",5/2-4"    1/2"-3/4",1"-2",5/2-4"    1/2"-3/4",1"-2",5/2-4"   
Motor power    750W    1100W    1000W   
speed    10/22RPM    17/38RPM    9/24RPM   
size    95*63*62cm    95*63*62cm    64*68*66cm   
Gross/net weight    155/140kg    155/140kg    180/160kg   
voltage    380V(220V)/50HZ    380V(220V)/50HZ    380V(220V)/50HZ   

Method of use
1 set of wire machine work, first put the pipe to process the thread into the pipe chuck, impact tight, press the start switch, the pipe with the chuck up, adjust the die head die opening size, set the length of the wire mouth.
2. Then pull (feed hand wheel clockwise, make the die head die knife with constant force against the rotation of the pipe end, die cutting knife is automatically set of silk, the cooling system at the same time automatic spray cooling to die for the knife, such as silk mouth processing to the preset length, die knife will automatically open, silk processing end. Turn the power off, hitting the chuck, remove the pipe.
3. The set of silk machine also has the function of pipe cutting: the pipe in the pipe chuck, hit clamping, start switch, put on the feed gear cutter frame, pull (feed the handwheel, make the cutter blade moving on the shelf to want to cut the length of the points, gradually the handles on the rotary cutter, to rotate the blade extrusion tube, pipe rotation pressed by the blade cut off after 4 5 times.

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