Long Range Elctric Scooter

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What is LiFePO4 and Why is it a Better Choice?

But then came along lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4). This newer type of lithium solution was inherently non-combustible, while allowing for slightly lower energy density. LiFePO4 batteries were not only safer, they had many advantages over other lithium chemistries, particularly for high power applications.

Although lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries aren’t exactly new, they’re just now picking up traction in Global commercial markets. Here’s a quick breakdown on what distinguishes LiFePO4 from the other lithium battery solutions:

Safety And Stability

LiFePO4 batteries are best known for their strong safety profile, the result of extremely stable chemistry. Phosphate-based batteries offer superior thermal and chemical stability which provides an increase in safety over lithium-ion batteries made with other cathode materials. Lithium phosphate cells are incombustible, which is an important feature in the event of mishandling during charging or discharging. They can also withstand harsh conditions, be it freezing cold, scorching heat or rough terrain.

When subjected to hazardous events, such as collision or short-circuiting, they won’t explode or catch fire, significantly reducing any chance of harm. If you’re selecting a lithium battery and anticipate use in hazardous or unstable environments, LiFePO4 is likely your best choice.


Performance is a major factor in determining which type of battery to use in a given application. Long life, slow self-discharge rates and less weight make

Model No.    1000W electric motorcycle
Frame    Iron frame
Motor power    1000W
Battery    60V 20AH lead acid battery (Lithium battery optional)
Driving mode    Throttle only
Brake system    Disc brake for both
Front fork    Iorn
Handle bar    Iorn
Light    LED
Tire    10x3.5
Max speed    45km/h
Range    70km per charging
Max loading    150KGS
Charging time    6-8 hours
Load capacity    50pcs/40HQ
Colors    To order
MOQ    1 unit https://www.hangpaiebike.com/electric-scooter/long-range-elctric-scooter.html

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