Big Capacity Electric Scooter

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Electric Scooter Lubrication

Never forget the oil. Just like any other moving electric equipment, scooters require regular lubrication on the moving parts of the chain. If you use your scooter often, you should consider lubrication at least once per week. Always use the right type of lubrication oil and use and clean the sections that require lubrication, before applying the oil.

To prevent binding, oil brake linkages and throttle lightly and also check the bolts and nuts to ensure they’re tightly closed that they can’t come out easily.

Ensuring a proper maintenance of your electric scooter will not only prevent you from accidents but also enables your scooter to last for a longer period of time.

Prevention is always better than care and if you apply the above tips appropriately, you will enjoy the best from your electric scooter rides.

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Model No.    1000W electric motorcycle
Frame    Iron frame
Motor power    1000W
Battery    60V 20AH lead acid battery (Lithium battery optional)
Driving mode    Throttle only
Brake system    Disc brake for both
Front fork    Iorn
Handle bar    Iorn
Light    LED
Tire    10x3.5
Max speed    45km/h
Range    70km per charging
Max loading    150KGS
Charging time    6-8 hours
Load capacity    50pcs/40HQ
Colors    To order
MOQ    1 unit

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