100W LED Cold Light Source

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asked Aug 17, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WIl9VN4s (440 points)
Medical cold light source has detailed and strict requirements for brightness, color rendering index, color temperature and infrared proportion. Ordinary light source cannot be directly used in medical operation.

AGS210 is a professional medical cold light source developed by us. It uses the most advanced LED lamp beads, provides up to 100 watts of output, with color rendering index of > 92, fully meeting the requirements of the medical operating room.

The color temperature of AGS210 is 5700k, which is very close to the natural light. So the medical imaging system can display several lifelike images without color deviation. Because it's LED lamp beads, AGS210 has a service life of tens of thousands of hours, which can't be achieved by xenon and halogen lamps. And the LED lamp beads provide very little infrared light, that just fulfill the requirements of medical operation. https://www.jieyingmed.com/medical-equipment/led-cold-light-source/100w-led-cold-light-source.html

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