What is the price of an Umrah visa in the UK?

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Umrah Visa is an official permit that allows Muslims from all across the world, including the United Kingdom, to perform the Holy pilgrimage. Muslims in the UK that are intending to perform Umrah is intimated by the Saudi authorities to conform to the issued instructions and fulfill all pre-requisites before the application of the Umrah visa.

 What are the Visa Pre-requisites for UK citizens?

 Securing Umrah Visa for British citizens has been made simpler with the visa policy issued last year. The procedure runs easily with the changes made in the visa policy by the Saudi government. It would be ideal if you contact your travel planner and send the scanned copy of your traveling documents alongside computerized passport size photos through email to start with the procedure.

Details and Visa fee As Per the Policy for British Citizens

 The Saudi government is not charging 2000 Saudi Riyal anymore from the clients who wish to perform Umrah twice in a similar schedule year. However, it is mandatory to pay £175 in terms of the visa fee. All pilgrims must enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with pre-booked lodging and return air tickets. Otherwise, entry is prohibited. Non-British individuals are required to present their records in the Embassy. Their application is likely to be processed in 15 working days. It is would be ideal if you have a valid passport for more than 6 months. Additionally, your passport must have two blank pages available. The concerned ministry instructs that the legitimacy of an Umrah visa is one month. However, the pilgrims need to exit even before 30 days if they acquired the cheap Umrah package for 14 days or less. Moreover, the stay during the months from Rajab to Ramadan is already limited to only 14 days.


 Instructions to avoid Visa Rejection

  • Women under 45 are advised to submit an application with the Mahram. Mahram must not be younger than 17 years
  • Document of kinship or relationship, substantially proving the male a legitimate Mahram, must be provided.
  • Women older than 45 and traveling without Mahram needs to register with a larger group of pilgrims
  • Applicants are advised to apply authorized travel agencies in the UK
  • For converted Muslims bearing a Non-Muslim name needs to submit any evidence to be a part of the Muslim community.

What vaccinations need to be done for acquiring Umrah Visa?

 Pilgrims from the UK need to vaccinate for Meningitis and different infections. They also require immunization testament from the National Travel Health Network and Center. Kids up to the age of 15 must be immunized for polio and meningococcal. If you are taking any medication for specific medical conditions, you will require a documented authorization from your doctor so you can be allowed to carry the medicine. Typically, it is suggested that those people ought not to go on Umrah who are pregnant, truly sick, or more than 70 years old. It would be ideal if you let your tour operator know ahead of time that you are being joined by a handicapped or old traveler. In this way, they can make appropriate plans for their convenience and give a wheelchair to facilitate them. 

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