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The CCSK Certification is the best in Cyber-Security industry. listed CCSK as the 1st on the list of top 10 Cloud Security certifications on the market. Thousands of major industries and successful businesses are desperately searching for qualified individuals with CCSK Certification. Knowing the in's and out's of cloud security is a constantly expanding field. People who complete our training often quickly jump into very well paid positions filled with exciting challenges and thrilling rewards.If your employer wants you to get CCSK Certification or you have noticed this training is your most direct path to a lucrative career in cloud security, we make it super easy for you to get started and succeed.Also see CCSK Certification.



Cloud Computing Architectures.

Cloud Computing architectures will provides the conceptual framework for the rest of the CSA guidance. It describes and defines cloud computing, sets the baseline terminology, and details the architectural frameworks.


Governance Enterprise Risk Management.

In Governance and Risk Management, we will focus on how they change in cloud computing arena and demonstrate how cloud computing impacts areas of governance and risk management; including policy, process, and internal controls.


Legal Issues and Contracts Electronic Discovery.

Legal Issues, Contracts and eDiscovery will be covered when contracting with CSPs and handling electronic discovery requests in litigation. We will focus primarily on the legal implications of using an external service provider.


Compliance and Audit Management.

Big focus on the jurisdictional differences and their implications on existing compliance and audit standards, processes, and practices in Cloud Computing.This module covers regulatory environment implications, responsibilities and capabilities for demonstrating compliance.


Information Governance.

How to protect the fundamental data that powers a customer systems and applications. We will cover how to manage information in cloud computing with new technical protections and new approaches and how governance particularly impacts compliance, privacy, and corporate policies.


Infrastructure Security.

We will cover all Infrastructure layers security including compute, storage and networking, which also encompass workload and hybrid cloud. This domain includes the fundamentals for private cloud computing. It does not include all the components of traditional data center security.


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Identity and Access Management.

This module focus on how Identity and Access Management is impacted by cloud computing. In both public and private cloud, two parties are required to manage IAM without compromising security. We will also covers how cloud changes identity management and what to do about it.

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