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Now that OSRS death mechanics are in-game

Passing mechanics are more punishing than RuneScape gold death mechanics correcting for currency worth. Passing mechanics that are rS3 deserve another look by Jmods a rebalance. This week, fresh passing mechanisms were added to OSRS. It is a major overhaul that certainly has which has been divisive in the area. Prior to the upgrade of this week, in a tomb, an OSRS death would result in areas that gamers recover items free of charge and can run back to. There are exceptions for this (cases, particular things, certain encounters, PVP), but for simplicity's sake, this was the mechanic.

The new OSRS death mechanics (again simplifying since it's fairly complicated ) involve making death more penalizing --though still much less punishing than RS3 death mechanisms, even adjusting for currency value.These are different games, and passing ought to be shunned, but the difference in death mechanisms and how relatively punishing RS3's are is shocking. A 500k maximum departure in OSRS would translate to roughly a 3m departure in RS3 (if we utilize swapping exchange rates). Deaths using a pvm installation cost nearly twice the OSRS maximum.

Death mechanisms are far more punishing, and this also makes RoD the sole option in most cases, although I will concede that Rs3 does have RoD, which will bring deaths more in accord with OSRS deaths when worn. (Thankfully RoD is also BIS). Death mechanics have been punishing to ironmen, that have a much lesser ability to liquidate items into money. I think jmods need to check at either the ability to purchase back deaths with things, very similar to OSRS, and/or providing an ironman discount similar to OSRS.

Likewise death mechanics punish learners usually, and since they die more often have cash. I think, ultimately, that death should be punishing, but not so punishing that learners/ironmen are dissuaded from trying content. I think rs 2107 gold is trying hit a good balance between those contradictory goals, whereas RS3's death mechanic is at a bad place and will just get worse since powercreep continues and more items (e.g., spear of annihilation, inquisitor employees ) are needed. Death mechanics have never been touched in some time and deserve a second look by jmods, potentially a rebalance.


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