How can I spot fake yeezys?

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You may be here, read this because you want to learn how to recognize fake Yeezy sneakers, and we are here to teach you how to recognize

Any fake Yeezys from Nike x Yeezy to Adidas x Yeezy.

There is one post on how to spot fake yeezys 350 : 350/

The foundation of our company is to create a free identity verification guide, and since we cover most of Yeezy’s true and false comparisons,

Articles should become large articles and should:

Provide you with the fastest and most effective way to discover fake Yeezys
If you need more information, please send us the complete authentication guide
In short, the best and fastest way to discover counterfeit Yeezys is to look for small details visible only to the wearer

The manufacturer will make compromises on quality, such as details: size label, insole imprint, shape of insole. Easy to say

When you are done, make sure you check our Yeezy fakes below and compare them with real photos to learn how to find fake Yeezy models!

In this Yeezy fake and real guide, we have collected all the important and required models of Nike Air's Yeezys sneakers

Yeezy 2 works with Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 :

Since there will be a new Yeezy version, we will always update this guide with new models and color schemes. Just choose

The model you want to know below:

How to tell if Yeezys are fake

The most popular Yeezy shoes are Kanye West's Adidas Yeezy shoes. It's not surprising that they keep selling out, because the Jenner/Kardashian/West family all encountered gold. But before shopping, you need to know how to tell whether Yeezys are fakes.

Yeezy shoes are modern shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. They have become the shoes of choice for this generation because they angered your casual wear and modified your clothing. They just seem to have a way to make you really simple clothes a little more, right?

You should know how to judge whether Yeezys are fakes, because these fakes will soon flood the market. You don’t want to spend a dime to buy Yeezy sneakers, sorry excuses, these sports may be more than tequila shots in the bar. To get a real deal, please buy from the latest designs of Adidas, Metarisa and Amazon. Hurry up, everyone may want to buy Yeezy shoes just like you!

Due to the recent large demand for Adidas Yeezys, counterfeit goods have become widespread. Moreover, because they cost a lot of money, many people have resorted to selling them at a bargain price from eBay and other unauthorized stores. No cheap real Yeezy shoes are new, and when dealing with the fight between fake shoes and real Yeezy shoes, there are only real fake shoes. As we move forward, we will discuss extensively why they cost a lot of money and the reasons for distinguishing fake Yeezy prices from actual Yeezys prices.

If you plan to buy online to get a better transaction, please be prepared to check the goods to avoid fakes.

7 tips showing how to identify fake Yeezys
What to remember, what to look for

1. How to find fake Yeezys-label and box details must match
How to tell if Yeezys is false: 7 feasible steps

If you put Yeezys in the box, be sure to check and compare the labels and labels thoroughly. The inside of the shoe itself is a label with details such as size and serial number. It should be the same as the detailed information on the label of the box.

2. How to find a fake Yeezy – the waveform should be checked
How to tell if Yeezys is false: 7 feasible steps

How to tell if Yeezy 350 is a fake: The upper part of Yeezy Boost 350 is a unique waveform. How to distinguish whether Yeezys is a fake is to check for irregular patterns and use wave patterns of different sizes to run across the actual waves, while the fake waves fluctuate from top to bottom.

3. How to find fake Yeezys – the middle stitch should be checked
How to tell if Yeezys is false: 7 feasible steps

Legality check: In the middle of the shoe is a thick stitch detail, which should extend down to the outsole, you can feel it with your fingers. The tip of the outsole is at the end. That is how to judge whether Yeezys are fake. got it?

4. How to find fake Yeezys-should check the details of high heels
How to tell if Yeezys is false: 7 feasible steps

Fake Yeezy shoes: Yeezy's heel has many intricate details. Make sure you study the details of the red square stitch on the heel tag. The stitched square part of the tab should have 5 stitches, and the rectangular part should have 9 stitches.

You should know how to tell if Yeezys are fake by checking the placement of the heel tag. It should be kept 1cm away from the collar of the heel, but if it is a fake, the distance between the heel and the collar is still very large.

Real vs Fake Yeezy: There is a logo and Adidas brand name on the insole, which is actually detachable. Fake manufacturers usually use white ink to mimic the gray tone of real ink. You will also notice that the material of the insole and upper are the same.

Using insoles, this is the method to determine whether Yeezys are fakes. Sewn on the fake sole is a white fabric that looks cheap. For true Yeezys, the logo and brand name on the insole and outsole should look upside down like a mirror image when placed next to each other.

6. How to find fake Yeezys-outsole
How to tell if Yeezys is false: 7 feasible steps

There is a very important detail, the fake maker made a mistake, it is on the sole. This is a flower-like relief on the white part of the bottom of Yeezys. There should be irregular and textured patterns around both pairs of shoes. One way you can know if they are fakes is that the original goods will have a soft velvety feel when touched, while fakes feel very strong and strict.

7. How to find fake Yeezys – the logo on the side of the shoe
How to tell if Yeezys is false: 7 feasible steps

Still unclear how to tell if Yeezys are fake? Okay, here is another tip. On the inside of any real Yeezy shoe, there are YZY stamps and the Adidas logo.

The two are in the middle and should be placed on a suede-like panel. However, on fakes, logos and stamps are usually not in the center, and the font used is larger than the original font.

Pay special attention to the texture of the side panels. Keep an eye on it. Unless they are fake, they should actually have a soft and dense feeling towards them!

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