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asked Jul 14, 2020 in Cell Tracking by Kingang (3,320 points)

This badge on HoF doesn't make a great deal of difference in contrast to its effectiveness on bronze. I've read someone say that HoF select dodger does not beat out bronze brick wall this year, and from my experience online (and even offline in MyCareer) I tend to agree with this. As the protector, I'll still have a great deal of difficulty fighting screens nba 2k21 myteam mt even when I feel as though I did a fantastic job avoiding the display, simply due to getting sucked into the screen exactly the same way I did when I didn't have select dodger equipped. Ive noticed lots of teams in rec using screens ALL game consequently, both off ball screens to acquire their shooters pick and open and rolls to the PG. This has always been a staple of basketball and 2k, but not to the extent it's now. When the defense can not counter it considerably, and is more of problem.

Reduce the frequency as two increases of animations that suck you. Boost speed at which players with greater levels of pick dodger fight the becoming animation. I disagree, although some people have promised nerfing brick wall is the best way to go. I feel like it is ought to be strong dodger equipped and in the right place. The issue is that pick dodger doesn't make much of a difference.

Baseline dunks cannot be triggered earlier as well as like you can last year. You get a layup that is normal not a reverse when you attempt a baseline dip. I have tried doing baseline layup with 100 percent success. I obtained exactly the very same results and tried performing the dunks to ensure it was my player. I couldn't activate the dip. Except you add turbo for the dunk dunk and the layup require the controls. In previous article others state they have the same issue. Please fix this ASAP. Can you make a video of a dunk attempt that shows the dip effort and what you're doing with the control? You can do this in your MyCourt or a team practice.

Really? I noticed the one time. As this was after, I got lucky, but it seemed bc you need to hold NW or NE for dunks to the analog this year. I wanted to comment on how they got it right lol. I couldn't choose when I did a baseline dunk vs layup this past year and it was hardly possible to select a baseline hand dip without performing a reverse (if this makes sense). Like dunking with appropriate hand although not just reverse and pushing from the right baseline. I did notice you need to time it afterwards than.

In My GM we should have the ability to use teams & some characters, while also having more aspects of My League included, but still keeping the buying mt 2k21 storytelling aspects of My GM. Some people bought the game to use / players in that mode created teams to discover they were unable to. Additionally, allow us to edit quarter span, the gameplay difficulty & in this mode or increase them since some players are breezing through games they play when they need a battle & they also locate the quarters too brief. But if I'm not mistaken, other group matches around the league have 12 minute quarters simulated while we have 6 minutes.

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