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asked Jun 22, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by Kingang (3,320 points)

Instead of buying any 1 item in particular, how about buying items in g.e. with present offers below 5% ge value. Makes it tougher for things to crash in value. Creates a unspecified demand. Waste things can regain worth for a proportion of 20gp is going to qualify easier than the usual thing costing 20,000. Currently the only market for many items are collections, shop cost and alch value, this could give value to collections of low value things as it provides resistance against them crashing farther. Since their value can go up pretty much produces a stock market with RS gold thousands of things, it is a good investment. The marketplace will purchase and delete and you may have the cash from game. To create selections problem a dividend.

With a gross. You are guaranteeing the thing will increase at the day's end, by around 20. Two years down the trail, with an increase being added each time we could observe inflation of commodity prices. Of course this depends on individuals. Since the ge regularly updates a few times a day after a set couple of hours.

The thing of this day ought to upgrade at precisely the same time based data off from the session. This would make it difficult to guess and gain from if the set cost is above market. I would suggest the product not be revealed Until after even delay. Thinking about the main supply of these kind of things in RuneScape are bot farms / gold farmers it's worth considering how this will interact with them. Will it make them a load of money because they can never oversupply?

I agree alot of careful thinking needs to be placed in before actually launching something like this, but I really do believe that the total notion of turning cash into things and destroying it to get a possibility of a rare pet may actually get the job done in-game, Jagex simply must take it from here. Use the amount in the preceding day to buy whatever item it is the current moment. If yesterday 10 bil was put in then utilize 10 bil now towards item x. Don't tell the players that item was selected until after the money has been spent, or just the following day or anything.

I feel like this thought would have harmful benefits for bots. The value of things commonly botted can go up, making them gold. And more players are likely to RWT illegally to old school runescape buy gold buy commonly botted items to buy the pet. Basically inflating requirement for gold.Why and botted items would purchase the item sink things to find the pet? You literally place gold in a pit. Didn't have and misread. Thought it said players drop the item sink to the hole instead of gold. Regardless, players may RWT for gold, which is directly employed by RuneScape to purchase up botted items, inflating botted item prices. Still beneficial to botters in two different manners.

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