RS gold ever an option with RuneScape

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asked Jun 19, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by Kingang (3,320 points)

I mean it's pretty obvious RuneScape mode is not meant for individuals with jobs. Only gives people who have a great deal of time in their hands somerhing else to do once they max/if they dont need to max. After reading the article again it really seems as if you can complete things at your own pace and still receive the rewards (like in POE). I don't see why this manner couldn't appeal to all gamers. Why not create? Isn't that RS gold ever an option with RuneScape? I really don't think I will vote for this thought.

I will pose that RuneScape generally is focused on people with lives, since most games aren't. And to be honest I kind of like it that way. No-lifes, NEETs, individuals who have to stay at home because of disabilities or for any reason, these individuals are able to get fulfillment, amusement and (no more memes) that a sense of accomplishment by following goals in RuneScape by each hour of their day. On the other side of the coin, folks like myself that have families, jobs, other hobbies and other commitments can still play RuneScape and revel in doing things even when the time required to do it is not readily available to us. I had a hydra job recently. I think my point here is that RuneScape is meant for those who are able to dedicate their free time. A sport style that rewards them isn't bad.

What this blog did not answer is why I must want to perform with this. I need to dedicate countless hours to doing something I have already done before just to get cosmetics which are tradeable anyway? The jmod comments in this thread indicate that this is not really a contest and being first is not the goal, however the very first paragraph at the site ends with.

I enjoy it! However, as somebody who will just play 2-3 hours a day max, it kinda seems pointless to try to compete against streamers along with other people who can buy 2107 runescape gold play with 8 + hours a day everyday. What if every account was confined to enjoy 6? Hours a day to the league gamemode? About who can ditch the time in it that way, it retains it more about efficiency and less. It would also discourage account sharing for those who would attempt to grind 24/7, and it would not end your run to #1 in the event that you need to take a day away.


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