Nook miles Ticket devaluation causes players to suffer losses

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Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket was the currency most wanted by Animal Crossing New Horizons players. But now it is due to the recurring BUG in the game that causes the Nook miles Ticket to depreciate. Players can use this bug to copy any item in the game which severely breaks the game balance.

Players used to use Animal Crossing Bells or Animal Crossing Nook miles Tickets to explore unknown islands and collect scarce resources. When there are vacant venues on their island, they will recruit new villagers to join to increase the island's visibility and activity. Nook miles Ticket has replaced ACNH Bells as the main currency in the game. Now players are used to shopping or trading with NMT. In this way, they may buy a very favorable radish price.

Twinfinite stated that it was posted by a regular user Blaines on YouTube. Players have created an unlimited number of NMTs through BUG. This has brought great economic losses to players who have already purchased the Nook miles Ticket. The consequence of this phenomenon is that NMT is no longer a struggle for collection and preservation. Blaines used a lot of faults in the game which had constituted infringement. Nintendo has deleted many bugs in the game and how to copy NMT related videos. They plan to fix these bugs in the next step to push the most perfect game experience to players.

Now people can publish the items they want on a website created by some players and indicate the price range they can accept. Players can trade millions of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells or Buy Nook miles Ticket or buy and sell particularly rare production materials here. Nintendo said they will solve the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, the existence of BUG will always damage the economic system of Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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