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There are many people in the Animal Crossing New Horizons community who are trading Nook miles Tickets. This is a very strange thing. Players can obtain Animal Crossing Bells by planting flowers or fishing. Players can still get rewards from Nook Miles Plus after completing most of the game's missions, which sets some limits on the speed at which they can be obtained. Players can use Nook Miles to buy some necessary goods and recipes to visit tickets for the mysterious island. But the strange thing is why the demand for NMT has suddenly skyrocketed in recent times.

Villagers are the main group causing this phenomenon. The Animal Crossing community has released many characters that players love and want to own such as Raymond cat Raymond or Audie who wants to be a pop star. Some websites have also divided players' favorite levels of various characters and sold them at a clear price. NMT is essentially looking for lottery tickets for new villagers on the desert island. Therefore, players may encounter losses when looking for the desired character. On the other hand, there are also many people who are willing to put NMT on their favorite villagers without having to go through the painful process of searching dozens of islands.

It is easy to find that NMT traders are trading in large numbers on Discord servers. Some unloved characters are only sold at the price of 20 to 40 Animal Crossing Nook miles Ticket. Players' favorite characters, such as Raymond, were sold at 800 NMT. Players who own Raymond are considered the most important players in the game. Some trading websites have even created trading methods similar to the auction situation. Players who bid the highest bidder through mutual bidding will get these favorite characters.

The mutual trading between players is the core of the NMT economy. However, it is now strange that these coupons have been used as currency for purchases on trading sites such as Nookazon. Some friendly players will open their islands for free. However, there are still some players who demand Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells from tourists entering the island. Players who want to travel but lack currency can seek suitable agents to ACNH Buy Bells. The cost is 2 to 20 NMT each time. Some people even require that you pay 30 NMT if you want to visit. It is a phenomenon that is not conducive to game harmony.

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