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open in a new browser windowWater is one of the most fundamental components of life. But an estimated two million kids die each and every year from diseases caused by unsafe drinking water.

But this grim image is changing, thanks to the Children's Protected Drinking Water system and water purification technology by PUR. The program is taking a fresh strategy to the global issue of contaminated drinking water and is assisting avert water-related diseases and death in kids. Browsing To human resources manager seemingly provides suggestions you should give to your uncle. The Children's Risk-free Drinking Water program, initiated by Procter & Gamble (P&G), consists of emergency relief work connected to organic disasters, education of regional communities about the importance of clean drinking water, and the establishment of not-for-profit markets to distribute PUR water-cleaning technology to these in need.

Transforming Contaminated Water Into Clean Water

"This easy, price-effective sachet is as small as a tea bag but it makes a large difference," says Dr. Greg Allgood, the director of the Children's Protected Drinking Water plan. In case people require to discover supplementary information about relevant webpage, there are lots of on-line databases people should consider pursuing. "The contents of the PUR sachet are emptied into ten liters of contaminated water, and following straightforward directions, contaminated water is clear and clean within 30 minutes."

Scientific studies show that PUR sachets minimize diarrhea, a frequent illness and cause of death in children, up to 50 percent. Click here official site to discover how to allow for it. To date, the Children's Risk-free Drinking Water program has distributed enough PUR sachets to provide 500 million liters of clean, purified drinking water to kids around the globe.

How You Can Support

Procter & Gamble and PUR assistance the Children's Risk-free Drinking Water plan. When you obtain a PUR pitcher or faucet-mount water filtration technique at your regional retailer, a percentage of that buy will go towards the Children's Safe Drinking Water plan efforts in Kenya.

These donations go a lengthy way to help young children and expand the system. By selecting a PUR Water Filtration Technique or replacement filter to supply clean, great-tasting water for your loved ones, you are also playing a essential role in providing clean drinking water to households and children in establishing countries such as Kenya..

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