It felt wrong when a 2h started RS gold swinging 25% quicker than a scimmy

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asked Apr 7, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by Rskingdom (4,660 points)

It felt wrong when a 2h started RS gold swinging 25% quicker than a scimmy, although I'm not implying by calling it spam to be apparent that which you mentioned. I want to keep weapon automobile attack speed, as the foundation for the skills speed therefore a scimm could use them quicker than the usual 2h, with eoc there's not much reason to select a faster weapon within a lesser one afik, and remove the majority of the basic abilities that you simply use for harm, or produce the cooldown more at the least, so autos are used 90 percent of time and skills used only when a boss wants stunned or bleed etc..

The thought started as usefulness steroids and cooldowns as a more simple solution although I am not 100% certain what's needed. Slower battle that sill looks turn based, fairly straightforward to comprehend, and something that works with the newer bosses but would not have been such a huge disruption is fundamentally the goal.

RS2 got to a point where development was stagnated with no substantial overhaul of the battle system. Chaotics/overloads/turmoil / Nex armor divided and were overpowered by design in the combat system, there was no method to possess boss encounters that are reasonable without them being totally cheesed by gamebreaking equipment. Tuning the amounts can only go so far. When we wanted any semblance of new and advancement PvE content, then something important had to change about Runescape game.

Most of us know eoc was executed, but I think it was an important shift that had to occur. For the most part, I adore what bossing has developed into. Revolution should have been included in the start. The thing to me is that the PvP scene, and its own death. I really don't see why the wilderness could not /can't be like a match mode where its heritage and special attacks still work. Cap gear's tier you even tweak, or are able to runescape gold 2007 bring in the hp. The market would change. I wonder if this kind of thing was ever considered, although it would be somewhat perplexing?

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