Foot and Heel Pain?

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Morphine can be given in many ways:  Joint Pain Hack Review syrups, tablets, capsules, suppositories or injections. It can also be given through syringe drivers, which allow the painkiller to be given as needed, and the dose to be adjusted precisely. When used for pain control, morphine is fast and effective. The doctor starts with a small dose and then increases it until the pain is well controlled. There is no top limit to morphine prescribing when it is used for pain relief.

Problems arise when morphine is not used for medical reasons and this is where fears of addiction, needing more to obtain the same effect (tolerance) and the slowing of breathing are often based.A recent survey has shown that doctors are sometimes reluctant to prescribe morphine for pain, for a number of reasons.

They are worried about what the patient might think of morphine. They are concerned that patients will feel that they are entering the last stages of their illness and that there is no turning back. They are concerned that it must not be started 'too early'. This might be because of the wrongly based anxiety about addiction and tolerance.  Since the Shipman trial, GPs may be even more fearful of raising the morphine question with their patients.

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