Baldness in Women - Is it Possible to Reduce and Reverse Hair Loss in Women?

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Many people think that washing your hair too often  Hair Revital X Review  can cause hair thinning and loss, this is a myth - as is 100 brush strokes per day will improve growth - on the contrary, keeping your hair clean will get rid of any bacteria which could cause baldness. Hair styles could however be a contributing factor, if you are always wearing your hair pulled back tightly this could cause breakage and damage to the hair.

This condition can be treated but the treatments are not always successful as there could be so many causes for the hair loss. If treatments fail then you can try making your hair seem fuller with perms, dyes or other cosmetic options. There may not be an immediate cure for female baldness but there are certainly ways of coping and slowing down the hair loss. Massage will help improve the circulation through your scalp and could improve hair growth. You can do this manually in the shower or you can purchase a special head massager to do it for you. Try massaging twice a day.

Female pattern hair loss differs from the condition seen in men. Men often loose all their hair and this is unlikely to happen to women. This is comforting fact because the remaining hair can always be disguised and the bald spots can be hidden by using head bands or clips. There are of course available medications for female pattern hair loss and although there are some over the counter drugs available, it is always best to consult your doctor to rule out any health conditions.

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