Is the Fear of Succeeding Holding You Back?

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And always remember that the only time that Overnight Millionaire System Review worrying is actually good is when it initiates action to change and achieve! "Success is a journey, not a destination." - Ben Sweetland, author As humans, we have a need to be successful in our own eyes and in the eyes of society. Our definition of success - or more accurately, society's definition of success - is what drives our behavior. If we need to change the way people think and act in the Connected Age, we need to redefine success.

Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, declared that if every individual operates out of his own self-interest, an 'invisible hand' will ensure the good of the society as a whole. This has been the fundamental premise of free markets and capitalism for over two centuries. The sheer simplicity of having one basic measure of success - money -- has enticed mankind to focus on wealth creation and economic prosperity. Personal wealth, market capitalization and GDP have been the dominant measures of success driving individuals, corporations and governments.

On reflection, Adam Smith was only partially right. The persistent pursuit of self-interest has helped a billion people on this planet tremendously. However, it has also left a billion people in penury and the environment in distress. It has widened income disparities and left even the rich unfulfilled in many ways.

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