You Won the Race - What a Champion?

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AND SO WHAT WOULD YOU CALL THIS Overnight Millionaire System Review SECRET FORMULA? You can call it anything you like and you are correct. You see, the issue is not in the nomenclature but in the characteristics. Different philosophers down the ages have attempted to give it a name, and they were all correct in that they tended to fashion a name that will match their perceptions of this factor. For me and guided by the hand of Him that instructed me to set out on this mission and in accordance to His will, I call it "Success at the Speed of Now".

The operative word here is NOW, because it connotes immediacy- immediate action, being able to take a step of faith immediately starting from where one may be standing to accomplish the proposed end irrespective of the odds presumably stacked against you. One fascinating aspect to this nomenclature is the seeming fact of its eternal truism. There seems to be a connection with the truism embedded in this divinely inspired tag with that revealed to some other men of the ancients. For instance, the immortal Shakespeare in his book "Julius Caesar", says and I quote;"There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at flood lead on to fortune". I rest my case.

Dear Friend, I hope I have done enough to introduce you to this great factor and the potentials it has to lift you from relative obscurity to a position of power and acclaim if only you are ready to appropriate it to serve your own ends and further serve humanity and this starting immediately from where you are even if you are not born with a silver spoon.

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