Two Ranges of Acuvue Toric Contact Lenses?

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asked Mar 9, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by jeromeprincy (10,460 points)

Before getting a surgery, there are some things  Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook Review   that a patient has to remember. Eating healthy food especially those fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin A would be good. When you are using contact lenses, it is better to revert to your eyeglasses at least 2 weeks before the surgery to bring back the original shape of the cornea. However, when your contact lenses are hard, it is important that the patient stop using it 6 weeks before the surgery. Eyes that use hard contact lenses need more time to adjust than those using soft contact lenses. Cream and cosmetics for the face shouldn't be used a day before the surgery.

If you are thinking of getting an eye surgery to remove the hassle of wearing spectacles or contact lens, then here is what you need to know. Using eye laser surgery treatment is popular method today to correct common eye problems such as astigmatism and myopia. However, you need to be educated on the risk of getting surgery done on your eye. You need to understand that not everybody is suitable for eye surgery and there is a heavy financial cost to getting one. After reading this article, you should be able to know whether are you suited in having eye surgery.

One thing before getting eye laser surgery is to always consult a medical professional first. Make a trip to your nearest ophthalmologist and have him or her assess whether you are fit for eye surgery. You will definitely be questioned on your medical history, so be prepared. You might ask the ophthalmologist about the risk and the side effect of the surgery itself. Finally, ask yourself if you really need an eye surgery in the first place.

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