3 Warning Signs of Diabetes - You Ought to Take Care?

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Since your child has juvenile diabetes, he  StrictionBP Review or she will need insulin shots for the rest of his or her life. As it is, you should train your child on how to administer insulin shots correctly. You can start doing this when your child reaches the age of 10 or as soon as he or she feels ready to take on the task. 

Before training your child to administer insulin shots, see to it that your child very comfortable with the idea of injecting needles into his or her skin. If your child is afraid of needles, it may take time before he or she will warm up to the idea of sticking needles on his or skin so be patient. Encourage your child observe you when you administer the shot. Once your child is comfortable watching you stick the needle into his or skin, ask your child if he or she wants to try doing it himself. If, he or she says yes, then you can begin your training.

Teach Your Child How To Check His Or Her Blood Sugar Level Your child needs to know the danger signs of juvenile diabetes. As early as possible, teach your child how to check his or her blood sugar level. Buy him or a glucose monitoring kit and let him or her keep track of his or her blood sugar level.



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