Diabetes Testing Supplies - What is Needed and Where Can They Be Found?

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asked Feb 15 in 3D Segmentation by reginafancy (9,820 points)

Be proactive for the health of it - YOUR  StrictionBP Review health. You are the most important person on your health care team. Seek out quality diabetic testing supplies and learn their proper use.A person with diabetes is as, if not more, responsible than their doctor for treating their disease. Diabetes requires day-to-day treatment so a person with diabetes is wise to learn as much as they can about the disease, diabetes testing supplies, monitoring blood sugars and treating diabetes. When this is mastered the person will find they are really managing the disease rather than coping with it.

Learning to use diabetes testing supplies and equipment and to interpret the results can lead to better treatment which in turn leads to more normal blood sugar levels in diabetes. Thus many of the symptoms and complications of type 2 diabetes (and other types too) can be stabilized or prevented. This use of diabetes of testing supplies and equipment to help maintain good control over diabetes is called self monitoring of blood glucose.

The skill of self-monitoring of blood glucose requires testing with a purpose. The diabetic is taught to use a blood glucose monitor (or insulin pump), what target blood sugar levels are, when to test, how to interpret the results, and what to do when blood glucose is too high or too low. It is a cost effective use of time, money and resources. 



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