Type 2 Diabetes - How To Stay Healthy With Diabetes?

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Another interesting lesson to be noted from the Blood Balance Formula Review Japanese link to obesity has to do with sumo wrestlers. Sumo wrestlers have to gain huge quantities of weight in order to fight in their respective weight classes. Not surprisingly, sumo wrestlers have a high rate of diabetes, even while actively fighting. When they become more sedentary, that high rate of diabetes increases a whopping 40 percent!

Another group of people who have shown a high propensity to developing diabetes when going away from their traditional diet is the American Indian. This is shown when switching from a moderate calorie, relatively nutritious diet to a higher calorie diet. For example, the Pima Indian tribe have a diabetes rate as high as one out of two people. In contrast, a South American Indian tribe in the country of Chile, who have maintained a more traditional way of eating, diabetes is almost non-existent.

There is also something extraordinary occurring in the Super economic country of China. As they have become more affluent, doctors are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of diabetes cases. Even migrant workers, who have become more sedentary and who have increased their caloric intake, have seen their diabetes rates increase.


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