Can Bad Parenting Be a Cause of ADHD?

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How does a a concussion occur? It is  Brain C-13 Review actually a two part process:  A fast motion followed by a sudden stop or a strike to the head occurs The brain becomes loose inside the cerebrospianl fluid and hits the skull wall.Although the brain is well-protected within the cerebrospinal fluid, or properly known as liquor cerebrospinalis, it can become loose inside with enough force. Once the brain hits against the skull wall, the brain can bleed (since it is incredibly tender), it may experience nerve damage, and/or it may go through trauma.

Mild concussions have shorter terms than severe concussions, and do not always result in becoming unconsciousPeople suffering from mild concussions will usually have an unclear idea of where they are or what happened. Severe concussions, of course have longer durations of unconsciousness and require a longer amount of time for the victim to recover from his or her mental capacities and abilities.

Symptoms of a ConcussionsHeadaches: Obviously, if you have a headache it does not mean you have a concussion. However, if your head or body recently went through some forceful motions, then the headache may be a sign of concussion.Becoming unconscious: Just like in fainting, you can go into a sudden and deep sleep without warning.

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