Heart disease is a disease that can disturb the blood vessel system?

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asked Feb 8, 2020 in H&E by reginafancy (9,820 points)

Other problems are presence of high cholesterol  The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review contents in the food. Diet with higher cholesterol contents will not be synthesized by the liver juices. The cholesterol content which is not synthesized will re-enter the human body through the small intestines. The fatty acids travel through the duodenum to the liver for the bile salts to break down these fat particles.

When the low density lipoproteins are higher in number it caused hypercholesterolemia and when the number of high density lipoproteins are low in number they cause hypocholesterolemia. High density lipoproteins are essential types of lipoproteins that are essential for biological process of every human being. So care should be taken to have less content of cholesterol in the food intake.

A common concern of heart disease is the risk factors. There are factors of heart conditions and people whom fit into these categories are more likely to obtain it in their lifetime. Some causes of this condition are grouped into two different categories; one being uncontrollable and the other being controllable. With it categorized it is easy to understand the things you can do to prevent it.


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