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2. Prepare for new growth. You break up the earth and spread fertilizer in the garden. Now is also the time to prepare your workspace, mind and calendar. Are there programs that you want to invest in to help you grow? Are there any things that you are in the Viaxxl Male Enhancement middle of that you want to wrap up so that you are ready to move on? Are the things you are doing, thinking of doing and have around you fostering creativity or stifling it 3. See what's growing. You check to make sure that your plants have survived the winter and that you still like what you have growing. Now is the time to look around at the things you have around you including the projects that you have lined up and make sure that they still make sense for you. Was the idea a good one when it was planted? Is it still a good idea? Is it time to let it go? Is it time to give it all you've got to make it flourish?



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