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asked Jan 15, 2020 in Electron Microscopy by vbjosdhui (120 points)

definitely a no for me there's no circumstance in which I would like to use this but other than that I think my skin looks pretty good it's just that this these pimples on my upper lip have been oh I just want them to be gone so I will updat Body Changes After Childbirth e you guys tomorrow tomorrow is actually the last day of using the Cetaphil skin care products for an entire week so hopefully these pimples here will go down by then regardless I will see you guys tomorrow hi guys so we are on the very last day of using Cetaphil skin care products for an entire week so tonight I am just gonna be using the gentle skin cleanser and the moisturizing cream I don't want to use that rich hydrating cream on my skin if I am using the gentle skin cleanser like these two products together do not work well for my skin at all so before I use the cleanser I do just want to say that my skin is starting to look a little bit better but I do have a few whiteheads that are popping up on my forehead and I have you know the pimples on my


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