Raw pork products recalled after company failed to inspect them

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An Illinois-based meatpacking company has recalled 515,000 pounds of raw, intact pork products after it was discovered that they had not been federally inspected. The items, which were produced by Morris Meat Packing between Nov. 25, 2017, and Nov. 9, 2019, were shipped to distributors and retailers within Illinois.To get more news about failed products, you can visit shine news official website.

The products are marked with establishment number “EST. 18267,” and were sold in dozens of varieties including, “Fresh Pork Chops,” “Fresh Pork Hocks and Feet,” “Fresh Pork Ham Bone,” “Fresh Pork Jowls Skin On,” “Boneless Loin,” “Fresh Pork Spleen,” “Fresh Pork Ham Skins,” “Fresh Pork Back Fat,” “Fresh Pork Shanks Skin Off,” “Fresh Pork Loin Skin,” “Fresh Pork Shanks Skin On,” “Fresh Pork Fresh Skin-No Fat,” “Fresh Pork Pigs Heads,” “Fresh Pork Snout,” “Fresh Pork Fresh Tongue,” “Fresh Pork Inside Fat,” “Fresh Pork Jowls-No Skin,” “Fresh Pork Tail Fresh,” “Fresh Pork Hocks,” “Fresh Pork Liver,” “Fresh Pork High Feet,” “Fresh Pork Heart,” “Fresh Pork Neck Bones,” “Fresh Pork Kidney,” “Fresh Pork Bacon-No Skin,” “Fresh Pork Pig with No Head,” “Fresh Pork Spare Ribs,” “Fresh Pork Belly Trimming,” “Fresh Pork Pig with Head,” “Fresh Pork Feet,” “Fresh Pork Ham-No Skin,” “Fresh Pork C.T. Butt,” “Fresh Pork Boneless Ham,” “Fresh Pork Shoulder Butt Cellar Trim,” “Fresh Pork Pork Butts,” “Fresh Pork Picnic with Skin,” “Fresh Pork Saddles with Skin,” “Fresh Pork Pork Loin,” “Fresh Pork Saddles-No Skin,” “Fresh Pork Back Ribs,” “Fresh Pork Loin with Skin,” “Fresh Pork Ham with Skin,” “Fresh Pork Rib Bellies,” “Fresh Pork Picnic with Bone-No Skin,” “Fresh Pork Rib Bellies-No Skin,” “Fresh Pork Bone-In Shoulders,” “Fresh Pork Bacon,” “Fresh Pork Boneless Shoulders,” and “Fresh Pork Ears.”

The recall was initiated after the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) received an anonymous tip about the missed inspections, according to the notice. And while there have been no reports of adverse health effects, those with concerns are advised to contact their health care provider.

Because the impacted products range in date, the FSIS said it is concerned that consumers may have the product stores in the freezer. Those who have purchased the affected items are instructed to throw it away or return it to the place of purchase for a refund. Consumers with additional questions are being directed to Morris Meat Packing .

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