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asked Dec 4, 2019 in Electron Microscopy by beemchota23 (220 points)

dxn code strike let them have a lot of false claims a lot of them have very very poor ingredients because not to be and can be potentially dangerous so the one main thing that you're seeing with these supplements that is so dangerous is it'll drop blood pressure with some people who will have interactions with meds or who already have blood pressure issues the blood pressure down so in cause dizziness falling or more serious issues so we want to look for that you also want to look for potential toxins so ind of fade away really quickly and I can't I don't know so j'h feel free to repost that and if any of you guys in medicine is so individually based where because everybody has different things that are going on it's just like with diets one says oh is this vet diet better or this and like well it depends on if you're a couch potato or if you're an athlete it depends

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