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asked Dec 4, 2019 in Electron Microscopy by flagpage222 (180 points)

dxn code strike competitors but you know back in the old days like you know I say old days through the ends over time Wow and then there they're done or if you still a table that they broke down and then they know just live with it do you can't live with it anymore then we'll treat it yeah and the you know one thing we didn't haven't touched on like you just mentioned Peyronie's diseases I know dr. Thompson sees a lot of this in his clinic and we do as well we treat a ton of guys I would say 30% of the guys that come in here you know have you know Peyronie's disease 20 25 30 percent happy rotors disease which is you know some type of a curvature in the shaft and it doesn't even have yeah we get a lot of guys with scar tissue or plaque

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