Nutritional Facts About Oranges - Calories in Oranges?

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Protein deficiencies are caused by one of  The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review two things: unhealthy eating habits and malnutrition. The majority of cases of protein deficiency are caused by not eating enough, or the right, protein-rich foods. But, there are some cases of patients who suffer from conditions known as congenital protein C or S deficiencies, which can cause unusual clotting of the blood. A well-known condition caused by these deficiencies that is recently coming to light is thrombosis. 

You may have seen news stories in the past few years about people with this condition and air travel, with some cases of the sufferers actually dying. There are a number of other health conditions that can be attributed to not having enough protein in your diet. Some of these conditions include breast cancer, heart disease, colon cancer and osteoarthritis. Low blood pressure, a low heart rate, and anemia are also conditions that can be caused in part by not having enough of the right proteins in your diet. 

Other issues people who do not get enough protein may face are cirrhosis of the liver, the shrinking of muscle tissue, and edema. Malnutrition In Third World Countries Caused By Protein Deficiencies We see the commercials nearly every time we watch television. Images of children in third world countries, who are sick and dying from malnutrition, haunt us. Much of this malnutrition comes from a protein deficiency known as kwashiorkor, and is mainly found in infants who are weaned.

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