Normal piston is very important to ensure the quality of emulsion pump

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asked Nov 19, 2019 in Electron Microscopy by kexonplastic (2,100 points)

Why can't lotion pump rebound after pressing?

In order to avoid this kind of situation, in the production process, we should check the following points:

First, check whether the spring length is standard.

The difference is very small, and the effect of length on the piston cannot be ignored. If it is short, it will cause the piston to miss its return stroke, directly causing the piston to not rebound or rebound slowly after pressing down the head.

Secondly, check whether the thickness of the piston fits the body.

In the movement of the piston, any slight gap will result in weak suction and unable to press the discharge body. Because plastic has the property of expanding with heat and contracting with cold, normal piston is very important to ensure the quality of emulsion pump.

Finally, let's analyze ontology.

Due to the stretchability of plastic, if improper operation is done during injection molding, insufficient injection will cut off a thin layer of the body, resulting in uneven inner wall, and inevitably leaving gaps in the piston stamping process, resulting in no discharge.

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