Choline Bitartrate 87-67-2 Nootropics Powder

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Product Description
Name:Choline Bitartrate
Other name: 2-(Hydroxyethyl)trimethylammonium bitartrate
CAS NO.: 87-67-2
EINECS NO.: 201-763-4
MF: C9H19NO7
MW: 253.25
Boiling point: 399.3°C at 760 mmHg
Flash point: 209.4°C
Appearance: colorless or white crytal powder, easy to moisture, whose quality has reached to the FCCIV and USP standards.
Specification: 99% min
Standard: EP/BP/USP
Description of Choline bitartrate :

Choline bitartrate is a nutritious additive and fat remover. It can enhance fatty metabolism in human beings and eliminate the accumulation of fatty in liver. Being a product of vitamin, it can be applied to medicine, healthcare product and food. L(+) choline bitartrate now has the tendency of replacing the choline chloride crystal and DL- choline bitartrate when being used for children and mother-to-be. The pure one is to be colorless or white crytal powder, easy to moisture, whose quality has reached to the FCCIV and USP standards.nootropics

Choline bitartrate is a form of choline that is readily absorbed by the body. It provides about 7 times as much choline as the more commonly used phosphatidylcholine supplements and up to 10 times as much choline as lecithin. You need 7 to 10 times as much of phosphatidylcholine and lecithin supplement as choline supplements to get the same nutritional benefit.

The main functions of the choline chloride is as following:

1. To prevent the accumulation of fat in livers and kidneys and avoid its pathollgical changes;
2. To enhance the health of animals and to improve it's ability toanti-illness;
3. To increase the growth rate and laying rate of fowls and to increase the survival rate of baby pig;
4. To increase the growth and survival rate of fishes and promote its propagation;
5. To ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system of animals;

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