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Bet on Rugby is a popular sport in the UK, next to soccer and cricket. This explains why around 12% of Britain’s adult population follows the rugby league matches enthusiastically. Among the several rugby leagues in England and Europe, the Engage Super League is the most prominent.

Formerly known as the Rugby Football League Season, this Super League’s name points to its sponsor Engage Mutual Assurance, one of Britain’s leading insurance companies. In a regular season of Engage Super League, a total of 14 teams play 27 rounds to determine the top two teams that play the Super League final.

Season Games

In the regular season, each team plays against all the other Engage Super League teams twice – once at home and once away. During the ‘Magic Weekend’ all the teams play an additional round, to stage a complete Super League round, so as to promote the sport in an exciting and grand way. At the end of the season, the club that finishes first is awarded the League Leaders’ Shield.

The Play-Offs

The play-offs are played by the top eight teams that have taken part in the regular season. The play-off season lasts for three weeks and the Grand Final takes place in the fourth week. Here is a detailed structure of the play-off series that spells out the wining team’s path to the top.

During the first week, the teams that have finished in the top four positions Tadalista Super Active during the season will play each other in the Qualifying Play-offs (QPO). The matches held are between 1st team and 4th team, and the 2nd team and 3rd team. The teams that win this round directly proceed to play the Qualifying Semi-Finals in week 3.

The last four teams that are ranked 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th in the season play the Elimination Play-offs (EPO). Here the matches take place between 5th and 8th team, and 6th and 7th team. In this case, the losers are eliminated but the winners proceed to week 2 where they play the Preliminary Semi-Finals

During the second week, two Preliminary Play-off matches take place between the losing teams from the Qualifying Play-offs and the winning teams from the Elimination Play-offs. Here, the first Preliminary Play-off match takes place between the highest ranked losing team from the QPO and the lowest ranking winning team of the Elimination Play-offs. The second Preliminary Play-off match is played between the lowest ranking loser from QPO and the highest ranking winner from EPO.

At the end of week two, a Club Call takes place where the highest ranking QPO winner chooses a team from the two Preliminary Play-offs winners, to play against in the semi-final. The remaining two teams have to play each other.

In week three, two Qualifying Semi-Finals take place to decide the two teams that will play the Grand Final. The first match is between the highest ranking QPO winner and the team selected in the Club Call. The second is between the lowest ranked QPO winner and the non selected team.

The team that wins the Grand Finals is awarded the Engage Super League Championship and the best player is awarded the ‘Man of Steel’ award.

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